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What Makes Our Cards Different?

- Premium Paper Stock -

Snappy & Durable

Crafted from a uniqle blend of materials, our cards combine snappy responsiveness with exceptional durability, ensuring countless using time

- Effortless Shuffle -

Air-Cushion and Smooth Coating

Experience the satisfaction of seamless shuffling with our Legendary finish, accompanied by a smooth coating for a pleasurable touch.

- Flawless Cutting -

Precision and Comfort

Enjoy smooth handling and precision gameplay with flawlessly cut edges, enhancing your overall card-playing experience.


Our Paper Stock

- Vintage Stock -
For Magicians and Cardists 

The thinnest stock, snappy and not too soft. 
With black core and linen surface.
Thickness of 52 cards: about 1.48 cm

- Classic Stock -
For Collectibles and Gaming

Snappy, stiffer and long lasting.
With black core and linen surface.
Thickness of 52 cards: about 1.56 cm


Regular Cards Comparison

Surface Difference

Cheap paper lacks the snappy durability, and flat surface increase the friction.
Our paper stock with linen texture, can reduce friction and stay durable.

Coating Difference

When cheap paper combine with not outstanding surface coating, the result is disappointing.
With our signature "Legendary Finish" surface coating, and premium paper stock, our cards can bring you a long time smooth experience.

Edge Cutting Difference

The rough edge cutting makes every shuffle and draw an ordeal.
Smooth and precise edge cutting, not only bring you a great touch 
eeling, also keep your designs on right position.


Why Choose Us?


Fastest reply, less than 72 hours


Reasonable price & fine quality


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How About Plastic Cards?

For environmental reasons, we recommend you use playing cards. Not only environmentally friendly, but also more quality.
However, if you want your playing cards to last longer, you can also consider making plastic cards.


Standard playing card size, high elasticity, frosted surface, high-precision printing.
Experience our high-quality plastic playing cards!