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(Currency: $USD)
1000 decks: $2.8 
1500 decks: $2.6
2000 decks: $2.4 
2500 decks: $2.3
3000 decks: $2.2
3500 decks: $2.1
4000 decks: $2
5000 decks: $1.8
7500 decks: $1.6
10000 decks: $1.5
$360 for plates

Minimum purchase of 1000 decks.
Shipping costs calculated separately.


1000 decks run of a 54 card deck printed CMYK faces and backs for the cards and CMYK for the tuck exterior only, would be $2.8 per deck plus $360 for plates and plus shipping fee to one location. 

Shipping fee of 1000 decks to USA 
-Express Air: $1000 (1 week)
-Surface Air: $800 (3 weeks)
-Sea Shipment: $500 (5 weeks)


Seal Sticker: $0.1
Box Matte lamination: $0.2
Box Inner printing: $0.3
Box Spot UV Varnish: $0.3
Box Embossing: $0.4
Box Foil: $0.5
Hand made box: $0.25
Synthetic paper box: $0.3
Matte paper box: $0.5


(the thinnest stock, snappy and not too soft)
Thickness of 52 cards: about 1.46 cm

(thinner, but also stiffer)
Thickness of 52 cards: about 1.48 cm

(thinner, softer, perfect for spring)
Thickness of 52 cards: about 1.52 cm


(snappy, air cushion embossing pattern)
Thickness of 52 cards: about 1.56 cm

(more snappy, fabric-like embossing pattern)
Thickness of 52 cards: about 1.56 cm

Thickness comparison:

BICYCLE Standard from USPCC
Thickness of 52 cards: about 1.56 cm

COPAG 310 from Cartamundi
Thickness of 52 cards: about 1.63 cm


(slippery, shining, easy to fan)

(less slippery, more suitable to apply fan powder)

(slipperiness lasts way longer, more durable)


Each paper and finish has its merit, so it depends on what sleight or flourish you want to work on.


There are no extra cost or minimum order of uncut sheets. For example, if you order 1000 decks and ask us keep 50 uncut sheets for you, finally you will receive 950 decks and 50 uncut sheets.


Payment: 50% due upon order confirmation; 50% due before shipping.

Terms: Delivered; All customs, duties, VAT etc are the customer’s responsibility and will not be paid by HCPC.

Production: Approximately 35 days from digital proof approval.

NOTE: HCPC does everything possible to honor customers’ requests for uncut sheets and tucks but, due to unavoidable vagaries of production, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE that requests can be fulfilled.


We also provide fulfillment services, sending packages directly from Taiwan will save a lot of costs. If you are interested in our fulfillment services, please send us an email or drop us a message via Instagram.


For everything else please send an email with your requirements and we will get you a custom calculation: