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Here's Hanson's message

Thank you for supporting this magic trick. Inside, you'll find 32 special materials from Japan, custom-made and nearly invisible. Combined with correct setup, they create the perfect illusion of restoring the bill. 

Simply perform it correctly; handing out the bill is fine. I've accidentally reused the bill before. So, after your performance, spend it to avoid confusionPlease cherish this effect, practice, and amaze more people!

FIVE reasons why I love this effect
1. Setup time is less than a minute.
2. No need for scissors or glue.
3. No messy adhesive to apply.
4. Set up right before performing.
5. Too many advantages to list...

About  Subtitles

If you are a buyer who does not understand Chinese, we suggest you turn on the English subtitles.



USD version available on theory11

If using the old-style £10 banknote, please apply the special material discreetly to the red circle.


Imaginary Hall by Toru Suzuki (1995)
True Pencil Through Bill by Vanni Bossi (2002)
Wolverine Formula by Jordan Johnson (2008)
Cigarette Through Bill by Blake Vogt (2013)

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