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Flavor - 原味覺醒

Created by David Chiu & Hanson Chien

DEMO (效果展示)

Eclipse Version & Mintia Version

Super Smash hit item at FISM in Busan. 


Most of "label change effect" need to be done only with single side change, or one side after one side. However, “Flavor” can be done both side changes at the same time.

In addition, it’s possible to return to original label from changed label. No need to carry with extra props, shells, labels. The super visual miracle can be done only with the gimmicked case. No need to reset.

As seen on many social media (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram), performed by Patrick Kun, Nicholas Lawrence, Jay Chou, Henry Harrius,etc., finally you have the chance to get this popular effect in your hands!

Appeared on TV? Not yet. Maybe you can be the first magician to perform this miracle on TV! This product not only includes everything you need to do this miracle, but also provides you the performance right on TV!


The single unit can be perform in Both directions (from Blue to Pink AND Pink to Blue.) No need to choose your preference.

Comes with a gimmicked eclipse case, 2 regular eclipse cases (1 mint & 1 strawberry) to switch-out for examination if you wish to do, and extra eclipse tablets.

"A visual practical effect that looks like a camera trick. You will fool yourself." - Patrick Kun

“I can’t forget the shock when I saw Flavor!” - Hiro Sakai

"A visual ready-made for television, but it's everyday practical." - Justin Flom

“Flavor is like Zack King CGI effect...but you can perform it LIVE.” - Henry Harrius

"One of the most startling visuals changes I have ever seen." - Kieron Johnson