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Additional information

Brief Q&A of Mist Watch

When you received your item, checking for any product defects right after unboxing is highly recommended. Once the defect is identified, please contact us via email within 7 days.

Every Mist Watch comes with a ONE-YEAR warranty, starting on the date of your purchase. Within the one year, the company will repair the product at no cost one time and one time only, or have the product exchanged for a new one once. However, the warranty only covers defects under normal use. Any human-caused external/ internal damages are not covered under this warranty.

When the product is sent for repair, if human factors cause the product damage, the customer will be asked to pay for the repair accordingly. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service email.

Contact info: hansonchienproduction@gmail.com

1. Note: There should be a vibration when the device is turned on.

If there is no vibration when the device is powered on, that means the battery is running low, please charge it immediately. 

2. Note: Red light indicates the device is charging. The red light will shut off when it is fully charged. (unplug the charging cable when the device is finished charging is recommended) 

*If the red light does not come on when charging, the battery might be dead, especially if the device is getting really hot when charging. If this is the case, do not charge or use the device in any way. Contact us immediately.


3. Caveat: Producing smoke longer than 5 consecutive seconds is strongly discouraged. If the smoke becomes thinner, refill the oil accordingly.


4. Note: Be careful with the needle and coil when refilling. Do not press the needle against the coil for the coil might break or be dislocated. Do not add oil directly onto the heating coil when it turns red. If you have to refill the device right after the smoke production, make sure to wait at least 30 seconds to cool down before the refilling process. Follow the tips above to prolong the life span of your device.

5. Note: The wristband is attached firmly to the watch itself as well as the gimmick, therefore, the wristband cannot be replaced.

Question: Where can I get the oil (e-liquid) after I ran out of it?

Answer: You should be able to find your local oil (e-liquid) dealer nearby. For more information, watch our online instruction video.

Question: May I wear the Mist Watch on my right-hand wrist?

Answer: It is possible to wear it on your right-hand wrist, however, the watch is designed for the left hand. Watch the online instruction video for more details.

Question: What should I do when the fan stops working?

Answer: Make sure if the heating coil is in working condition, if the coil is not in working condition either, please contact us. If it is just the fan that’s not working, please see the fan troubleshooting online instruction video. 

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