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  1. Create a new Instagram account for your awesome deck.
  2. Instagram page should have a consistent style.
  3. Make 2~3 posts per week.
  4. Use specific hashtag(#cardistry, #______playingcards)
  5. Interact with other users who use the same hashtag(like, comment)
  6. Try to reply all comment and messages, keep in touch with all your fans.
  7. Run this Instagram at least 3~6 months, don’t rush

(Goal: 1000 followers, all posts have over 100 likes)



  1. Trailer: People wanna see how it looks like actually.
  2. Concept: Why you wanna print this deck? Any special? How you create it?
  3. Design: Quick describe for Back, Aces, Courts, Jokers, tuck box. All with photos.
  4. Lots of photo: Stillness and Dynamic, at least 10 photo(include design part).
  5. Printing detail and Fulfillment: Which stock and finish, handle feeling.
  6. Deck and Shipping price list: Easy to read.
  7. Risk and Challenge: Sincerely invite everyone join this campaign.
  8. Reward setting: Make some attractive early bird rewards.

(When all early bird rewards sold out, should be funded over or almost 100%)


Example 1:

Nihilism Playing Cards(https://www.instagram.com/nihilismdeck/)


Identical style page. High frequency posts and gain enough fans. Over 15% post interaction.


Order and complete content. Attractive early bird price and amount, reach 100% funded when early bird rewards sold out. Great quantity of photo and high quality trailer, people can feel the efforts.


Example 2:

Delusion Playing Cards(https://www.instagram.com/delusionplayingcards/)


Started Instagram very early, but didn’t promote enough before launch.


Complete content, better add more describe on design part. Some information that’s not important for backers can reduce or delete, like “Special Thanks” part.


Example 3:

Silver Wolf Playing Cards(https://www.instagram.com/rulu_playing_cards/)


Lack of fans, didn’t promote long enough. Launched it in a hurry, and not enough promote during the campaign.


Lack of content, backers will feel it’s too casual. Some design is still semi finished, don’t expect too much good returns if you served a raw dish.


Follow all these guidelines, almost every campaigns got funded. GOOD LUCK!!!