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About English Subtitles

If you are a buyer who does not understand Chinese, we suggest you turn on the English subtitles.

If you think the display time of English subtitles is not enough, we suggest you play this video in slow motion. 


How to Play Videos in Slow Motion

1.Open the video in YouTube

2.Click the Settings icon on the bottom right and then you will see some options. Click "Speed" and open the speed change options.

3.Choose the target video speed from 0.25x, 0.5x, 0.75x to slow down the play back speed of the YouTube video.


0:00 Introduction

2:55 What you received

4:49 Basic performance

6:17 Advanced performance

8:12 About Paddle Move

11:47 Basic explanation

16:02 Advanced explanation

21:18 Use real biscuit stick

24:33 Bonus effects

26:13 Conclusion