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1. PLEASE watch the tutorial before using the gimmick.

2. DO NOT use the gimmick coaster in your daily life, please use the normal one.

3. The best performance angle is 90 degrees in front.

4. Must use the gesture in the tutorial to set up gimmick.

5. Please don’t put the gimmick active for a long time, make sure the gimmick is inactive when it is not in used.


1. 操作道具前,請務必觀看教學。

2. 平常請使用正常杯墊道具請勿拿來當正常杯墊使用。

3. 最佳表演角度為正前方90度。

4. 請使用教學中的標準手勢設定道具杯墊

5. 請勿將彈片長時間維持在啟動狀態,未使用時,請確認彈片處於收合狀態


0:06 Introduction
0:59 Performance
2:16 Gimmick Origin
4:37 Gimmick Setting
7:42 Basic Performance
15:29 Advanced Performance
24:45 Performance Angle
27:29 Examination
33:19 Glass Selection
37:10 Magnet Carrying
38:06 Gimmick Repair
39:40 Conclusion


Bob Swadling, Shigeru Sugawara, Yuichi Katakura, Shinpei Ogawa, Hiroshi Kondo.