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Crazy Sam is BACK!

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About  Subtitles

If you are a buyer who does not understand Chinese or English, we suggest you turn on the muti language subtitles.

If you think the display time of muti language subtitles is not enough, we suggest you play this video in slow motion.




If the rubber band is too tight.

If you find the rubber band still too tight even after loosening it, please purchase a rubber band larger than size #15 to use.


In 2022, Sam Huang pioneered the telekinetic system, capable of making glasses jump and propelling objects like chopsticks through the air, as well as causing rubber bands to vanish and tissue paper to penetrate a hand instantly.

In 2023, Sam applied this system to achieve the "PK touch" effect, striking the audience's right hand with a rubber band while the sensation occurred in the left hand. Demonstrating this to Hanson Chien, they combined this concept with cookies like potato chips and Pocky biscuit sticks, resulting in the telekinetic cookie destruction effect.

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