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Hanson Chien Production and Eric Ross shall not be held liable for any accident, personal injuries, illnesses, and damages.

You are utilizing information on this video at your own risk. Putting objects in the eye is potentially dangerous, especially small objects.

About English Subtitles

If you are a buyer who does not understand Chinese, we suggest you turn on the English subtitles.

If you think the display time of English subtitles is not enough, we suggest you play this video in slow motion.

Official Trailer

Main Tutorial

Tutorial from ERIC


Tic Tac by Ferrero (1969)
Needle from Eye to Eye by K.C. Batra (1974)
Swami and Mantra by Sam Dalal (1975)
The Orifices By Marc Spelmann (2004)
Thread by Wayne Houchin (2009)

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